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Nitika Rao: Do You See the Stars

Over the next few weeks, ASAWA Youth will be showcasing their talents and passions. Today, we are featuring Nitika Rao, author and illustrator of "Do You See the Stars".

Nitika is a high schooler with big dreams and a passion for art. Her work is featured on ASAWA Youth's Perspectives Page:

She says:

Hi! I'm Nitika!

I am an amateur artist and a lover of illustration, books, and various other forms of media. I wanted to convey a message that was meaningful to both me and my audience. This, combined with my love for nature, lead to the idea for this comic.

I believe that when characters are made to go on physical journeys, it is to prompt their growth as a person. I wanted my comic to represent hope for growth between humanity and our relationship with the environment.

Thank you for reading my graphic novel!

Read her graphic novel here, and comment below:

To keep track of our youth perspectives:


If you have a creative project that you would like to share with the ASAWA community, email us at We are looking forward to showcasing the talents of our community! Stay tuned for more content, coming soon.

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Uditha Velidandla
Uditha Velidandla

I thought this graphic novel was very touching. I really enjoyed reading it!

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