My Adorable Teacher

For Teacher Appreciation week, Simonds Elementary student Ishith Chotani wrote a poem for his teacher. His grateful poem highlights the importance of teachers in every student's life, and thanks his teachers for the hard work that they have put in.

Read his poem here:

"My Adorable Teacher"

From the befinning of the school session,

I knew you will help me with my passion.

And I knew teachers aid kids with awards,

Which leads kids towards a cord of rewards.

With hordes of light and wisdom,

You teach us using the school system.

On roads of learning scratch to ever,

You make us very eager.

To learn what you give us knowledge,

It will help us succeed in college.

By having so much patience for us,

You have given all the reasons trust.

You are cute, you are charming,

You are beautiful and less alarming.

You make my day happy with your pleasant smile,

You cheer me up looking in my eyes making me go mile.

I thank you with all my heart,

You will always remain my life's part.

- Ishith Chotani, Simonds Elementary School

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