Mithali Iyer: On Stars and Autumn Leaves

Part two in ASAWA Youth's showcase on "Perspectives". Today we are featuring Mithali Iyer and her poetic perspective on the world around her.

She says:

"Hi! My name is Mithali and I am a freshman at Leland High School. My hobbies include art, dance, and poetry. It has been about six years since I started drawing, painting, and dancing.

I have also written multiple poems in the past. These activities allow me to express myself in a fun, creative, and unique way and I would like to continue doing so for many years to come. "

Here are two of Mithali's poems that she has chosen to share with us:


Autumn Leaves:


If you would like to submit your work, send us an email at info@asawa.net. If you have any questions for Mithali, comment below!

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