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Entrepreuner, Activist and Mom - Shilpa Dalmia

Summer time! These two words can evoke different reactions. If you are in your youth, these words are synonymous perhaps of summer treats, endless TV time, and sleeping in. If you are a parent, these words probably invoke a mild level of stress. "I have no idea what my children will do over the summer", or "I am going to have to ask for a flex schedule" are common refrains from parents who frantically begin their search for summer camps.

Shilpa Dalmia and Peggy Chang were two mothers who were in a similar situation not so very long ago. The difference being they decided to trouble shoot the problem.

"Activity Hero is a market place for kids activities and camps. People can filter classes by age, type of classes and other parameters. Providers list their classes on Activity Hero. It connects parents to local service providers", says Shilpa Dalmia, a long time resident of Almaden. This very successful venture was started by Shilpa Dalmia with a co-founder, Peggy Chang.

Activity Hero was not always as well known as it is now. Rekha Vaidyanathan and Preethi Makaram interviewed Shilpa recently to get her perspective on the trials and tribulations of being a woman entrepreuner. Listen to the abbreviated clip of their interview.

As a software engineer, Shilpa's tech background helped her actualize her vision of one platform which would consolidate all local educational offerings. She created a website listing various classes and shared a prototype with friends and families which was instantly well received. About the same time, she met Peggy Chang, co-founder of Activity Hero, and recognized the perfect complement of skillsets. Peggy had a background in small businesses, and shared a similar vision. The partnership developed an exrtremely successful venture.

Shilpa Dalmia, is a software engineer by education. She grew up in India and migrated to the US on a work visa. She lives in Almaden with her husband and two children. When she is not working on Activity Hero, she loves hiking, and binge watching Marvel movies especially with her daughter. She also contributes her time to non-profits such as Leland Dandia and the Saloni Heart Foundation.

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