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please note that you will have to press the submit button more than once. 


Some Guidelines

1. We cannot print double sided. Please have content on only one side of the paper. You can upload multiple files, but please indicate the page number.

2. Please handwrite/draw your picture. Scroll down to see examples and templates. 

3. Please include appropriate messages. We reserve the right to decline messages. 

4. Feel free to include your name and grade, but please use discretion in sharing personal information. 

For Parents: 

We will print and mail letters to hospitals every week on Fridays, beginning May 29th and ending on June 14th. It would be lovely if you could contribute $1.00 per submission to cover printing, gas, and mailing costs. To donate, find the Paypal donate button at the bottom of the page. When donating, please use the "friends and family" option so that fees are not deducted. We, ASAWA, generally do not ask for contributions, so we do not have a way to cover the costs of our campaigns. 

Thank you very much for being a part of this program. Not only do we appreciate it, but so do the medical workers! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Draw a picture or write a letter. You can use our templates or create your own.  (Scroll down to download a template)


Upload your letter above by clicking on the upload button and choosing your file. 


Take a look at what your peers drew!


Not mandatory, just here to help! Click on the PDF button to download. 

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