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Why donate to ASAWA?

 ASAWA exists to support the women in our community, unite the community and serve the underserved through annual community service events.   

Your generous donations allow us to serve the community with diverse programs and services. By making educational, health, youth and  senior programs accessible to all, ASAWA brings cohesion to our community with shared values of inclusion, friendship, education, and community spirit.

We are currently not charging memberships, program fees or ticket prices .  All costs have been funded personally by the Team members.  We need your individual donations –of any size– to make programs and services available to everyone. Please consider making ASAWA a part of your philanthropic goals, and advocate for us at corporate giving programs at your place of employment. 

ASAWA intends to be a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can make an IRS approved tax deductible donations to help fund annual programs and services.

We are grateful to your contribution to help keep this community dream alive.  For more information, contact Suchi Patri at

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